Anchorage Flightseeing Safari

Prepare for a Great Trip!

We think that the best way to enjoy the flight is to think of questions for your pilot. The Rust's pilots know a lot about Alaska and the area they fly over. The microphones are voice activated and work when they are almost touching your lips. You will get a more personalized tour if you ask questions! 

You will be in a plane for about 30 minutes total. If you need to use a toilet before you leave on your flight, the Rust's toilets located in the hanger building, the red doors across from the office. We are often asked about motion sickness during our flights. It is unlikely that you will get motion sick since we will not take you flightseeing during bumpy or windy weather. However, if you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend using what you normally use what you do to prevent it.

Remember to charge your camera batteries and ensure that you have enough video. We do have tips on taking photos from planes in the FAQ section. It's best to dress in layers; the planes are heated and can get quite warm from solar heat in the summer. Flat heeled, sturdy shoes are best since you will be climbing in and out of a plane. Strap cameras and valuables to yourself before getting in and out of planes. Pilots don't dive for items dropped in the lake. It's also optional to tip the pilot if you enjoyed your trip.