Rust's Flying Service Staff


Owner/Director of Operations

Todd Rust, Director of Operations, came to Alaska with his family in 1959. His father started Rust's Flying, a floatplane operation, where Todd worked as dock hand and later as a pilot. After College, he worked for Northrop and Lockhead Martin as an aeronautical engineer. He returned to the family business in the early 80's and has been overseeing operations for up to 19 airplanes and 39 pilots. He and Suzanne have three kids.

Owner/Director of Maintenance - 16 Years

Colin Rust has worked as a dock boy during his high school years. In 1980 he got his Airframe and Power plant Certificate from Northrop University. Later he received his Inspection Authorization Certificate. He began working as Director of Maintenance in 1996. Colin has his Dive Masters certification in scuba diving, helps teach scuba and dives regularly with his wife Gail year-round in Alaska's waters. They have three wonderful grandchildren. Michael, Lucas and Madison and are very involved grandparents.

Chief Pilot - 12 Years

Dan Baldwin came to Alaska in 1961. His father was a flying preacher and Dan traveled throughout Alaska. He learned to fly when he was six and got his pilot's certificate when he was 17 years old. He has always flown small airplanes. He has been with Rust's Flying Service/K2 Aviation since 2001 and became the Chief Pilot in 2005.


Willis Thayer joined Rust’s in the summer of 1993 as a customer service agent and now is the Operations Manager, merging planes and pilots with flights and clients. Willis enjoys fishing, hiking and time with his three daughters and wife.


Chris Norman joined Rust’s in 1996 as a dock boy/ramper and now is Outdoor Operations Manager. Chris enjoys running, playing hockey with his dog Charlie and home remodeling.



Andy is a 42 year resident of Alaska the "Great Land" and have been flying in Alaska for 35 years. Flying floats, wheels and skis accident free for 22,000 hours and 12 years with the Rust's family. Andy also enjoys hunting and fishing with my wife and two sons flying our float plane to every corner of Alaska.


In 1977, Glenn had a chance meeting with an Alaskan lodge owner leading him to fly for a lodge in western Alaska. Glenn then spent the next several years flying summers in Alaska and winters in Idaho working two busy seasons a year and building flight time at a rapid pace. Curtis has also been involved in the restoration of more than 125 aircraft. He believes that he has logged over 20,000 hours flying time.

Glenn's goal from early on was to fly for Rust's Flying Service since he believed that is was the best run air taxi with the best fleet of aircraft. He first approached Hank Rust for a job in 1979. As he recalls: "I introduced myself to Hank at his office gave him a brief summery of my experience. To which he said " I know who you are. Why don't you go get some more experience and come back and see me"..... Well I did, and for the next 8 years I would repeat this every year. Finally in 1987 I was hired by Hank although I am not sure he thought I was ready." He has worked for Rust Flying Service ever since.


John Minton has 45+ years in aviation beginning with rebuilding a 1946 FUNK with his dad at 6 years old and progressing with US Naval service 1967-1970 as an aircraft mechanic. After military service, John moved to Anchorage and began a GA mechanics career at Merill Field then on to Reeve Aleutian Airways as Mechanic and working his way up to FAR 121 Captain obtaining FAA Type ratings on Saab 340B, YS-11A, L-188C and B727 and F/E ratings on Turbo Prop and Turbo Jet aong the way. He has GA ratings of Commercial, multi-engine, ATP, single engine land and sea, fight instructor, instrument flight instructor. FAA certified aircraft mechanic, Mechanic quality control inspector. His next stop was Rust's Flying Service operating C-206 and Beaver aircraft. Some 25,000 flight hour career.He was hired as technical consultant to advise during production of "Fight for Control Flight 8" the story of a Reeve L-188 in flight loss of a propellor and landing in Anchorage in 1983. He is still mired down with a Cessna 170B restoration soon to be completed.


Mark Stadsklev has logged over 13,000 accident free flying hours in Alaska, and the last 12 years with Rust's. His passion is to fly to unique places to add photographs to his website, Last year he self published the successful book, "Alaskan Air: Nature's Artwork on the Alaskan Landscape", available at Rust's and through


Peter G. Blackmon is an avid bow hunter and fisherman and enjoys flying his own C-180 year-round in pursuit of those activities. He has flown for a living for over 40 years, accumulating over 25,000 hours in all types of aircraft. He has never lost the passion for, or the love of, flying.


Robert started flying at the age of 15 in Vermont, where his father had a flight service and managed an airport. His first flying experience was giving rides and instructing in gliders. Later, he flew for commuter airlines, air taxis, instructed flying. In 1982 he moved to Alaska and flew for an Alaska fishing lodge and the government. Before Alaska, he flew seaplanes and helicopters in Norway and Greenland. He has lived and flown in Alaska for 32 years and is a year round resident of Anchorage. In 2010, he retired after 20 years with the Anchorage Police. In the off season, he volunteers as a cross country ski race official and goes skiing every day.


Scott started his aviation career in 1996 flying for Kenmore Air in Seattle. Scott and his wife moved to Anchorage in 1999 where he flew for Ketchum Air before joining Rust's in 2002. Scott has two jobs at Rust's: pilot in the summer time and a mechanic in the winter. You will see Scott in any of the aircraft in Rust's fleet on floats, wheels and skis. He has over 9000 hours flight time most all of it in Alaska and almost all of that on floats. Scott loves to go fishing, hunting or hiking and in the winter to go skiing, both downhill and cross country. Scott enjoys the challenge and beautiful places that flying in Alaska.

Customer Service and Marketing


Suzanne started her career in aviation by working at the National Transportation Safety Board's Anchorage Regional Office while attending college. The three years she interned built a solid foundation for understanding aviation safety. When the Rust family purchased K2 in 1996, she focused on building a team that would put passenger and pilot safety first. Through the years, Suzanne and Todd's family has grown to include three kids. She enjoys the outdoors and values the opportunity to share Alaska with visitors. She enjoys serving in her community. She currently serves on the Denali Overflights Advisory Council, that advises the Superintendent of Denali National Park through the Secretary of the Interior, on mitigation efforts to reduce the impacts from aircraft overflights. You may often find her on the deck visiting with guests.

Sales and Marketing Director

Cole Ouellette, has recently joined the Rust’s/K2 team and has worked in Alaska tourism since 2001. For the past nine years, Cole worked for a major cruise line and in the Alaska hotel industry where she developed a great relationship with Rust’s and K2. She is thrilled to be transitioning from client to representing the company and believes that flightseeing is the most incredible way to see Alaska. Cole has made Alaska her home with her other half, Spiff - an Alaskan musician, and their dog Milo. She enjoys cooking, fishing, live music and being involved in the Alaska tourism community.

Accounting Manager

Heather McChesney came to Rust’s in 2008 as the accounting manager. Heather was born in Upstate New York (Rouses Point) and did most of her “growing up” in Kennewick, Washington before coming to Alaska in 1983. She is an avid hockey fan and loves going to “fish camp” every June with her extended family. She has a son, Phoenix who keeps her pretty busy when she is not at the office.