Float Trips

1. Do I need any experience?

Yes, we recommend that you have wilderness camping, survival and fishing experience, preferably in Alaska. If you do not, we do have guided trips available.

2. Does Anchorage have a variety of provisioning food and equipment stores?

Yes, there are a variety of grocery and sporting goods stores ranging from Costco, Safeway, Fred Meyer and specialty food shops. We have Mountainview Sports, Sportsman Warehouse, REI and AMH and others. We also recommend Adventure Appetites, a local outdoors company that can arrange meals for you.

3. How will I know when you will pick me up?

You will arrange pick up with the office and also talk to your pilot.

Prepare for a Great Trip!

If you have any questions for your pilot on the way to your put in point, please ask your pilot. The Rust's pilots know a lot about Alaska and the area they fly over. The microphones are voice activated and work when they are almost touching your lips. If you need to use the toilet before your trip, the Rust's toilets located in the hanger building, the red doors across from the office. 

You will be in a remote wilderness area, on your own and should be prepared for a variety of weather conditions as well river conditions. Let the pilot know if you are bringing fire arms and/or bear spray, please let the pilot know so it can be stowed properly.

Strap cameras and valuables to yourself before getting in and out of planes. Pilots don't dive for items dropped in the lake.  It's also optional to tip the pilot.