“Pilot for a Day” Tours

Please call (907) 243-1595 to book

$3900 + 3% transportation tax
Trip Time: 6hr
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the unprecedented rise in fuel cost, a 6% fuel surcharge will be added to all reservations in 2022
  • Lake Clark National Park Option:

    After departing Anchorage, you will head west through the Alaska range via Lake Clark Pass, seeing hanging glaciers en route to Western Alaska. The first planned stop is in Port Allsworth, a beautiful lakeside community, headquarters for Lake Clark National Park. You can visit the ranger station if it is open. This or the next stop is an opportunity for lunch. After a short flight from Port Allsworth, stop on Twin Lakes, and visit the homestead of Alaska pioneer Dick Proenneke, as chronicled in the PBS documentary One Man’s Wilderness. Weather permitting, we will fly through Merrill Pass in the Alaska Range in sightseeing our way back to Anchorage, spotting for animals.

    Contact us today at 800-544-2299 or email us to reserve this tour.
  • Prince William Sound Option:

    After leaving Anchorage, ascend the Skilak Glacier, tour the Harding Field, the largest ice field, traversing it on the way to Kenai Fjords National Park. En route to Prince William Sound, explore the rugged coastline of the Gulf of Alaska. Once we have entered the sheltered waters of Prince Williams Sound, your pilot will look for a secluded spot for your shoreside lunch. During the tour, the pilot will spot for marine mammals. After lunch, the pilot will take your to further reaches of Prince William Sound, enjoying the scenery of tidewater glaciers, mountains, spotting for back bear sheep and goats. College Fjord is but one option. Gradually, you will work your way back to Anchorage and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  • Mt. Denali Flightseeing option:

    Leave Anchorage, cross Cook Inlet , fly along portions of the Alaska Range, see some of the Alaska range volcanos such as Mt Spurr. Traverse the Triumverate and Capps Glaciers. Work north through Tordrillo Mountain Range on the way to Mt.McKinley (Denali). Flightsee the south side of Mt. McKinley, flying within six miles of the summit, seeing the Kahiltna Glacier, look for climbers en route to the summit depending on the season. Finally land on a remote wilderness lake to walk around. This is an opportunity to eat lunch. After departing, land in Talkeetna for outhouse stop and possible refueling. Fly back to Anchorage via the Talkeetna and Chugach Mountains and soar over the Kenai Mountains and Knik Glacier.

    Please keep in mind that there are many other lake stop options that the pilot can suggest if the clients are interested.

  • Flexibility is the best part!

    Your tour will be determined jointly between you and your pilot. If you have special requests, please email them to the office (info@flyrusts.com) in advance so we can be prepared.

    The limits for this program are weight  (800 pounds total), time (six hours total), weather (depends) and your interests (photography, water, glaciers, mountains and so on….).

    For food and beverage, you may bring your own or we can order you a box lunch from a caterer with whom we work. The box lunch fee is in addition to the program charge, and the box lunch is nonrefundable.

    We are excited to show you wild Alaska that very few people see! Come fly with Rust’s!

“Pilot for a Day” Tour

The pilot for a Day Rate: $3,900 plus transportation fee of $117. On-demand only. Available time 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to and from Anchorage. There is no Sunday availability of planes.

Weather: All weather cancellations receive a 100% refund. If a trip needs to be cut short due to weather issues, Rust’s will refund a portion to the tour operator and the tour operator will refund the clients.

Passenger limits: Four people up to 800 pounds including clothing and day packs. To avoid embarrassment, please ensure that the weight is accurate because the pilot can choose to not fly if he or she determines that the combined weights exceed the 800 # allowance.

Dress: Dress for different weather temps in layers; rain gear is always a good idea. Mosquito repellent is highly recommended.

Food and beverage: Rust’s recommends that clients obtain food and beverages before embarking on a trip. For an additional non-refundable fee, Rust’s can arrange for a box lunch if requested. The final itinerary will be determined by the pilot and the pilot’s assessment of weather conditions. Three sample itineraries are listed below. This trip can be changed at any time if the client is interested in staying longer in a spot or specifies a particular interest in an area.

Contact us today at 907.243.1595 or email us to reserve this tour.