• Is there parking available?

    We do have onsite parking but it can be limited on busy days. If you are staying at a local hotel, we recommend asking about our complimentary shuttle service. If you are at distant hotel property, staying at a B&B, or vacation rental we recommend driving or taking a local taxi/Uber. We look forward to seeing you at Rust’s!

  • Do you offer a shuttle service?

    Rust’s provides complimentary shuttle service within Anchorage from downtown hotels, the airport and airport area hotels. The shuttle will pick you up approximately 45 minutes prior to your departure. Please inform us of any bags larger than day pack size. Shuttle service available during the summer season only.

  • Do I get a window seat?

    Yes, all of our planes are set up so that every passenger gets a window seat and a headset that is connected to an intercom system. You may ask your pilot questions about what you are seeing.

  • How experienced are your pilots?

    The average pilot at Rust’s Flying Service has well over 5000 hours of flight time.

  • Do you have any photography tips?

    Do not take your photos at an angle to the window. This will increase optical distortion from the windows. Keep your lens close but not touching the window, vibration from the airplane will blur your shots. Take your photos quickly, the plane is moving quickly, if you see something that you find interesting, it may be out of view the time you raise your camera. Do not use flash photography. This will just reflect your flash back into your photo. Do not use a polarization filter because plastic airplane windows will show odd patterns. The pilot will move the plane around so that everyone will get the opportunity to get photos. If you have a special request, please let the pilot know. Most importantly, if your equipment fails, just relax and enjoy the flight. A fellow passenger will probably share photos.

  • Can I sit in the co-pilot seat?

    Our pilots make every effort to fly the tours so that guests on both sides of the plane receive excellent views. We can not guarantee the co-pilot seat, as the pilot may place passengers in particular seats based on weight and balance.

  • What should I wear/bring?

    For day trips; good walking shoes or light hiking boot, sunglasses, film/batteries, long pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, light coat, raingear, hat. For flightseeing tours; sunglasses, film/batteries, light coat. Please do not wear sandals/heels/dress shoes.

  • In which aircraft will we travel?

    The staff at Rust’s will pick the appropriate aircraft for passenger load and conditions in ensure the highest level of safety, comfort and efficiency. If there is a specific aircraft you would like to charter, please contact the office.

  • What is your safety record?

    We have an excellent safety record. The Rust family have owned and operated Rust’s Flying Service since 1963, and K2 Aviation since 1996. Both companies are highly respected in the aviation industry of Alaska.

  • Will I get airsick?

    It does happen. If you are prone to motion sickness, you should take whatever measures you normally take to combat it. Rust’s does not provide Dramamine. In the event you do get sick, we do have sick sacks in the airplanes and the pilot will make you aware of their location.

  • What is the weather going to be?

    There is no way to know that in advance. We check the weather several times a day to make sure we can safely operate your trip. The best way to approach the weather is to schedule the trip you want when you want it but be open to other tours may have better weather. Waiting to see if it is a nice day before you make a reservation will work sometimes, but we do have days that we cannot accommodate short notice reservations.

  • Do you fly on weekends? Are you open year round?

    In summer we are open 7 days a week, even holidays. Our office hours are approx. 6:30 am to 7:00 pm. In winter, we are open Monday through Friday, 8-ish am to 5-ish pm, and offer the Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley) Flightseeing and Glacier Wildlife tour. We are available to fly on the weekends in winter with advance notice.

  • Do you have helicopters?

    No. We only operate floatplanes and wheeled planes, also called seaplanes and ski planes.

  • Do you land on glaciers?

    We mainly operate floatplanes and while we don’t land on the glaciers, some of our tours include a remote water landing on lakes or the ocean. Another very cool Alaskan experience!  Our Talkeetna based company, K2 Aviation, operates ski-planes for a variety of tours with glacier landings within Denali National Park.

  • What type of airplanes do you operate, and what are their seating capacities?

    Rust’s operates four different types of aircraft. Cessna 206 5px/ Cessna 208, Caravan for 9px/ deHaviland Beaver(DHC-2) for 6-7px/ deHaviland single engine turbine Otter(DHC-3T) for 10px.

  • Does Rust's have a per passenger weight limit?

    Rust’s complies with the aircraft manufacturers’ guidelines of a max weight of 350 pounds.

  • What happens if you can't come get us?

    It is extremely rare that we are unable to pick up our daytrip clients at the end of their trip. We will occasionally experience delays so do not schedule tight travel connections. We recommend that you purchase trip insurance in case weather or volcanic disturbances affect air traffic.

  • What credit cards do you take?

    Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

  • Are we guaranteed to see bears?

    We cannot guarantee wildlife sightings or viewings. The best part of our bear viewing tours is that the bears are wild and your able to view them in their natural habitat. We will try to match you to a bear viewing tour that will give you the best chance of seeing bears at the time you are in Alaska.

  • What if Rust's cancels the trip due to weather?

    If your trip is cancelled due to weather, we will work with you to reschedule for another day or you may request a refund.

  • Is there anyplace to eat near Rust's?

    We have complimentary coffee and candy/snacks for purchase.  There are several dining options that are just a short drive from our office.  We are happy to make recommendations.


  • Are your trips handicap accessible?

    By ADA standards, none of our trips are accessible. We can often accommodate people depending on the nature of their disability. Our vans do not have wheelchair lifts.

  • Is the mountain called McKinley or Denali? How tall is it?

    Is the mountain called McKinley or Denali?

    Its official name used to be McKinley, but in recent years has been changed back to its original Alaskan name, Denali.

    How tall is Denali?

    20,310 ft.

  • Is it customary to tip pilots and/or guides?

    Gratuities for pilots and bear viewing or fishing guides are always appreciated.